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The Circle of Trust

The Circle of Trust is the paid subscriber content for listeners of the Adventures In Design podcast. Containing over 300+ episodes and 500 hours of design, illustration, printing and business tips n tricks. Hear every episode in it’s entirety! The Circle of Trust has the full Adventures In Design audio catalog, featuring every episode with bonus content added or you can choose to go straight to the bonus content. Every topic possible on following your creative passion as a hobby or career has been covered in this collection and we’re not even close to finishing the conversation adding another 200 episodes in 2016. 

555 - Shop Talk with Billy Baumann

David Defeo

Shop Talk goes old school with Mark and Billy on the mics just like the good old days. Fresh off teaching his portion of The Double, Billy gives his perspective on what his students struggled with and how Delicious plans on keeping this two day design course going. Mark recently returned from an unnamed poster show and his take on the Old and New Guard will give you insight to your own creative direction. What's the scariest tool in Illustrator? What is a post-work creative supposed to do with themselves? What are your art action figure attributes? Get ready to dive into the deep end of motivation and direction once this Shop Talk kicks into high gear.

Talking Points

  • The New School becomes The Old Guard and the expanding middle ground. 
  • Cake Donut Conspiracies and Mort's misplaced donut choosing capabilities. 
  • Part One of The Double goes down, gets re-upped with new options, and more donut talk. 
  • A preview of the Dave Shapiro interview with a serious Must Be Nice role reversal for Barely Blue Collar Brickey. 
  • What was the biggest hurdle for students attending The Double?
  • Learning from comparative screenprinting strategies different artists use. 
  • The scariest tool in Illustrator that Billy knows how to use and Mark doesn't need to know about. 
  • Retired dads, shelf money, and the upcoming Wonder Woman film. 
  • DC's misplaced style and lack of direction. 
  • For fashion, not for sport. 
  • When should a baby start watching Star Trek?
  • Environmental concerns being undermined by big business and getting back to where we were in protecting Mother Earth. 
  • Dismantling what makes America truly great and the troubling people currently running that country. 
  • What time is check in for the apocalypse?
  • April's Fools on AID. 
  • Billy's breakdown of his portion teaching The Double and some pizza stories. 
  • Candy built physiques. 
  • Easter is on the horizon and Mark kicks a bunny. 
  • Motivation, testosterone, and the mental shift Billy is dealing with. 
  • Post-work creatives. 
  • Art Action Figure back card attribute levels. 
  • Talking Billy up and an inside look at a talented creative's internal thought process who thinks their faking it until they make it. 
  • Asking a fish to swim instead of climb a tree. 


After all that DC talk and the recent return of The Logo Show it seems appropriate to head back and hear Billy and Dan break down the evolution of the DC logo in a never released COT Exclusive.

Young, talented, and trying to find his next step. David Smith struggles with intent and motivation as he propels himself upward in the world of design. Listen to this rising talent's struggle to find balance.

Make more life than a living with some inspirational guidance from business master and taste maker Biggie. His reverse engineering capabilities are strong and having a goal to accomplish sets our minds in action.

554 - Hammer Time with Gustavo Jaimes

David Defeo

Get ready hang because Hammer Time is back! Violent Gentlemen's Mike Hammer and co-host Mark Brickey invite tattoo artist Gustavo Jaimes to the VGHC HQ to swap stories. Tavo works at Torch Tattoo which is the nearest shop to Disneyland and he grew up at the closest residential house to Disneyland... so you know Mark has some mouse related questions for him. Hammer puts it all on the line with everything from limo tints to Beauty And Essex tabs to a person from his Rolodex for every story he has. Shitty jobs, first cars, and stunt food showdowns are all here as these fearless leaders take on everything the world is throwing their way. 

Talking Points

  • Growing up with Disneyland as your next door neighbor. 
  • Will Hammer ever go straight again?
  • The hard working parents that raised Gus and Disneyland perks for getting cracks in your ceiling. 
  • The most requested tattoo at the shop closest to the Magic Kingdom. 
  • Cold climate pin up girls and the big dawg air conditioned lifestyle. 
  • Three Keys Brickey. 
  • Limo tint all the way around, Hammer's Rolodex of Peeps, and choosing to see or squint. 
  • The worst tattoo Tavo ever gave, one upping a pros pro, and a quick story from Brian. 
  • Pineapple cotton candy, a review of Life, and stunt food that lived up to the hype. 
  • Foreign TV shows, out of market snacks, and what restaurant Southern California needs. 
  • Go to's across the board. 
  • BK Lounge party shifts, shitty jobs, and getting fired. 
  • Receipt, receipt, nudie mag pic, receipt, receipt, receipt, receipt, nudie mag pic. 
  • First cars. 
  • Getting your start in Photoshop for slightly misleading paperwork, abandoning ship, and parking under the biggest tree that might break. 

If you need more Hammer in your life we've got you covered. The second installment has the luckiest guy in the world, Ian Perkins from The Gaslight Anthem, hanging out and loving life with the boys after a trip to Fender's Custom Shop.

Brian Ewing spans the gamut of everything encompassed in Hammer Time. He came up through the music industry making designs for every band imaginable and in this episode he begins his transition over to becoming a tattoo artist.

Round One of Hammer Time has their self proclaimed greatest guest, Andy Williams of ETID and Python. Wrestling, hardcore, and how to get under any NHL Player's skin set the tone for the very first Hammer Time ever aired.

553 - Kate Bingaman-Burt

David Defeo

It's about time you meet Kate Bingaman-Burt. As an Educator, Illustrator, and Rule Maker Extraordinaire Kate has made a career from her endless stream of creativity that never seems to turn off. As Associate Director Of The Art And Design School at Portland State University, a Published Author three times over, and sought after Commercial Illustrator Kate is a driving force in the world of design. The interview takes you inside the mind of a creative who thrives on self initiated, rule based projects based off what challenges Kate the most. She didn't like credit card and she didn't like drawing so she forced herself to make a project combining the two. She didn't like talking to people and was interested in why we buy things so she made a project out of that too. The result of these decisions is a confident mark maker who's found their voice and knows how to use it. 

Talking Points

  • How can this week be better than last week?
  • Taking a sabbatical. 
  • Accidentally teaching three classes as a graduate student just trying to figure it out. 
  • Would you even fit in to a traditional agency model?
  • Learning to tell your story before your paid to tell other people's stories. 
  • Where is the problem solving for students at universities?
  • Creating a self initiated experience and discovering what is missing to fill the gap in education. 
  • Getting a peak at what your design career will look like. 
  • Email composition in class to successfully navigate through a people profession. 
  • Starting with rules to make thinking easier and reclaim your day. 
  • Putting in that first hour and liberation through restrictions. 
  • Lincoln Nebraska Target Customers get grilled on why they bought what they bought. 
  • Obsessive Consumption comes to life. 
  • Pushing and punishing yourself to stay accountable.
  • Don't be a blob. 
  • List making maniacs, stockpiling notebooks, and information design at its purest essence. 
  • Good design only exists inside the architecture for success. 
  • Wandering thinkspace routes. 
  • Pulling a narrative out of the messy spiderwebs and the importance of talking out your choices. 
  • The difficulty in being a student these days and career FOMO. 
  • Personal style, confident wonks, and rules for repetition. 
  • An eight year personal project that led to a book deal and finding your loosely goosey voice. 
  • Confident mark making no matter what it looks like. 
  • Giving attention to the overlooked and slowing down to make something that will give you something to remember. 
  • How to sustain interest in daily projects that can lead to something else. 
  • Public Design Center, Portland State University, and Mississippi. 
  • The value of design and creative thinking to a community. 
  • Steam rolling Outlet into a reality.
  • Learning to trust your voice in a class filled with intelligent confidence. 
  • Making, defending, and talking about your work to act as if and set your energy level at what you want to happen. 
  • Yelling about Symposium. 
  • Self confidence levels, becoming yourself, and the importance of a supportive community around you. 
  • From weaver to principal. 
  • Doing things that make you nervous and sweaty. 
  • The right place and the right time that leads to the next thing. 
  • Experimenting in public will be scary but rewarding and soft spots for outside kids. 
  • Does JBB feel successful?
  • The less glamorous role of the Conductor. 
  • Bad ass grandma desks, progressive moves in the forties, and mind gyms. 

Chris Parks is another artist who looks at what scares him and dives in headfirst to uncover everything he doesnt know and come back with something truly impressive to show for it like controlling your dreams of putting together an entire Luchador event.

Dawn Handcock at Firebelly realized she could best use her talents of client relations to take Firebelly forward the same way Kate orchestrated Symposium so masterfully. This interview shows you the value of sidestepping the direct role of designer.

Dylan is another non stop creative who has applied his creative focus on making what he wants. From photoshoots in the woods to following a fragrance, Dylan has that same fire your hear in Kate's voice throughout his interview as well.

552 - Breaking News with Dan Stiles

David Defeo

It's time for some Breaking News with special guest anchor and electric poster maker Dan Stiles who is out on the front lines with Mark Brickey answering your questions. These two captains of industry have over four decades of collective experience in the world of design spanning everything from idea generation to client expectations to product production and everything in between. How do you get clients to see act on your valuable ideas? Should you broker extra services on top of your design work? Do you have all the decision makers in the room? That's just touching on a few of the topics Mark and Dan take on and explain in detail to help circumnavigate problems you're struggling with. Breaking News will provide you with sage wisdom, expert guidance, and a reason to google psychedelic polish movie posters all in one Circle Of Trust Exclusive episode.

Talking Points

  • An update on the logo show, electric posters, and Alpaca scams. 
  • Bumbershoot and Blankstock help on the horizon and a shift in the festival's core demo. 
  • Jumping in or shadowing a pro. 
  • Republicans try to Repeal Obamacare and fail to swap in a plan that isn't quite evil enough for their tastes. 
  • Alternate options for running a country with its blinders on. 
  • Educating your clients and learning how to work with designers. 
  • Getting decision makers in the room and crystal clear agreements. 
  • Variables on time and materials. 
  • Using digital content to generate traffic to your own website. 
  • Having ideas bigger than your clients can handle. 
  • Give them what they ask for and then give them something more. 
  • Finding your customer's margins. 
  • How to keep your clients hands off the wheel. 
  • Everything is a negotiation and being a General at your job. 
  • The pros and cons of responsibilities, time, and extra cash associated with brokering deals for your clients. 
  • Staying out of the middle. 
  • The arms race for the most detail and color in the fan art world. 
  • Doing something different mentally and graphically. 
  • Art versus the properties people love. 
  • How will the outliers be remembered in art history?
  • Psychedelic Polish movie posters that were made before the artist's even saw the movie. 
  • Rory Kurtz's Coach Taylor or DKNG's Death Star Schematic. 
  • Deregulation on Wall St. and getting in on the market when it's low. 
  • 20/20 hindsight and added value over time and marrying someone smarter than you. 
  • Be the person your dog thinks you are and not the person your cat knows you really are. 
  • Dad Juice and Helicopter Kids watching Rome burn. 
  • The last hurrah for crusty old white men and the future millennials see.

Need more actionable advice from Dan? Of course you do! AID 312 is a long, hard look at everything he learned from his pop up retail shop through the holidays in Portland, OR.

Mark and Dan mentioned this interview with Bob Smith of OreCal Sportswear a few times so be sure to hear about this go getter not afraid to take risks and show people how it's done.

Hear the first part of the Breaking News success story from @jwestdesign and get Mark and Sean expand a bit more on contracts that help walk your clients through how your process works.

551 - Shop Talk with Billy Baumann and OKpants

David Defeo

Put down the pitchfork and get ready for some Shop Talk with Mark Billy, and OKpants. The wide world of comics bookends today's episodes with some controversial opinions about the best Bruce Banner and a long look at the film Logan. From finding your tribe to talking about your work without doing any of it, the boys examine their formative years as creatives and what motivated them. Mark puts out a new ethics code on constructive criticism and when it should be given while Aaron argues it might just be a new facet to tolerate on the world wide wide web. This is the hangout you need with the friends you love to get you through the final push of the week. Antics ensue.

Talking Points

  • OKpants 2.0 as Pants Pantsly the divorced aunt from 2024 or as the Barb of AID.
  • The mind shift at your forties to become the person you want to be. 
  • Is the ship going down or are you looking for a way out?
  • The only asset you need in life to do what you want. 
  • Ben Affleck is the best Batman. 
  • Forgiveness and directing. 
  • The weakness of Wizard World in Cleveland. 
  • Pent up perverts that need some cautionary signage. 
  • Comic shop geeks and their hypothetical lives. 
  • Growing up normal and the paradigm of coolness. 
  • Community college, art school, and careers in the creative world. 
  • Blue collar perspectives on white collar privilege on the approach to "work."
  • The debate of art. 
  • The importance of critiquing your work while you're working on it and not when you're finished with it. 
  • Embodying the constructive spirit with your comments and not slipping into the ego centric musings about similarity. 
  • Pitchfork campaigns from posts without proper context that cost people their jobs. 
  • A new class emerges and unhealthy habits in children. 
  • Understanding various cultural niches and doing the right thing. 
  • Changing neighborhoods, racist self defense 101, and standing up to end a meeting. 
  • Getting cc'ed on some bad thoughts. 
  • Movie trailer swearing, AID language, and defining explicit.
  • Wolverine or... and getting outnerded. 
  • A review of Logan and Old Man Logan. 
  • It takes Deadpool for Hollywood to finally make a dark superhero comic book film. 
  • Keep it dark and bleak. 
  • Storytelling with too many elements and the suits that ruin it by crowbarring in too many elements. 

It doesn't matter where you went to school... this Shop Talk gets deep into screenprinting tips and tricks from three hardened veterans of the squeegee.

Back when AID Barb was still considered a special guest on Shop Talks everyone got into a great discussion about properly pricing your work.

What sort of brushes does our favorite New Yorker use? This Shop Talk gets into the nitty gritty of how James Flames does what he does. Antics ensue.