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The Circle of Trust

The Circle of Trust is the paid subscriber content for listeners of the Adventures In Design podcast. Containing over 300+ episodes and 500 hours of design, illustration, printing and business tips n tricks. Hear every episode in it’s entirety! The Circle of Trust has the full Adventures In Design audio catalog, featuring every episode with bonus content added or you can choose to go straight to the bonus content. Every topic possible on following your creative passion as a hobby or career has been covered in this collection and we’re not even close to finishing the conversation adding another 200 episodes in 2016. 

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Cowboy Fuck House

Mark Brickey


We bring our week-long celebration of Hamer Time to a grand finale with possibly the rowdiest twenty-nine minutes that boys have ever thrown down (while recording.) Cowboy Fuck House is more of what you can expect now that Hammer Time has its own location and no longer lives under the name Adventures In Design. Expect your Friday's to crazier and your Circle of Trust content to go beyond that! Hold on to your assholes because it's about to get wild. 

725 - Hammer Time 25 "The White Snake"

Mark Brickey


Hammer Time 25 - "The White Snake" 

  • Momo No Go! The story of how Mark Brickey went to his high school graduation alone and tried to ruin it for the rest of his graduating class by standing and accepting every single award. 
  • Everyone is adding on your bill, kitchen tips, 2.5% quality add-on, resort fees at hotels that clearly aren't resorts and $42 a night parking. The hipster middles class is getting squeezed every which way you go and Hammer Time crew is pissed. 
  • Brickey put a deposit down on a car, but it's not what you're thinking. The legend of Dan Stiles and the Gambler 500. 
  • The greatest idea ever for an Every Time I Die tour that combines America's favorite past times, ETID & NASCAR. 
  • Remembering the moment when childhood pranks lose their humor and gain serious consequences. The joke goes bad. 
  • Tavo gets left on a Texas highway for border control to find, and Hammer loses his shit on the friend that stayed behind. 

In The Circle of Trust

  • Using a Treo smartphone to find Chipotle. The early days of touring without technology. 
  • Everyone is on the grid! How it's impossible to not exist on social media and how no one can get away with anything. Anonymous, just doesn't survive. 
  • How to get Hammer Time talking to its listeners again? Tavo's Pinata has gone dry! We miss you guys. 
  • The most celebrated event that Hammer Time could ever attend, a family party over at Tavo's. 
  • Brickey sits in with the mariachi band on jug. 
  • Does Tavo's family call Mexican food just food? 
  • Remembering how funny the first Jackass movie was. 

Gay Dad

Mark Brickey


27 Minutes Of New Content Today

All week long the Hammer Time gang has been hanging out with you to remind all of our free listeners that the party has moved on iTunes to Violent Gentlemen's Hammer Time.  Today we keep the party going and kick it into overdrive. Yesterday you heard the tale of Hammer staying with Fly Guy Live on tour, today Brickey shares with you the craziest family that he ever stayed with on tour. So much shit went down, but keep quiet because grandma is asleep upstairs. 

Please help the AID Network grow by telling a friend who you think would enjoy listening to Hammer Time to listen to the show and subscribe on iTunes to Violent Gentlemen's Hammer Time. In fact tell all of your friends because if they're your friends, they're a friend of Hammer Time. 

Today's best of Hammer Time reissue features Loser Illusion parts 1 & 2. Where Biggie joins in the fun and tells us all about going to Panama and dropping 25K on stem cells, it must be nice? That one's up to you I guess on your ideal of wealth and health. Enjoy! We'll see you tomorrow with our conclusion to the rowdiest best of week we've ever featured on the show. 

724 - Hammer Time 24 "Loser Illusion Part One"

Mark Brickey


Biggie is back, and he tries to win over the love of the audience even though he claims to have been made the heel. Can stories of his past win over folks that may be unable to relate to his future. Hammer brings us up to speed on his recent trip to Las Vegas where mortgage  Mike got sent away from the wheels of fortune. Brickey humble brags his way through a dozen stories and Gus giggles. Just another week at the Hammer Time hangout on episode 24 Loser Illusion Part One. Come back tomorrow to hear an extended part two that's commercial-free exclusively for the members of the Circle of Trust. 

724 - Hammer Time 24 "Loser Illusion Part Two"

Mark Brickey


724 Hammer Time No.24 Loser Illusion Part Two

We look at what it takes to have a winners mindset, Biggie shares his future health plans and Hammer Time unboxes a large box shipped to VGHC in the name of the show. Part two is such a wild ride you'll quickly see why we had to break the episode into two pieces and why half of it needed to be protected behind the Circle of Trust. 

646 - Hammer Time

David Defeo


Hammer Time X is upon us and the cast is taking on the McDonald's menu in all of its thirty two item glory. Mark, Tavo, and Hammer reminisce about the food that made them into men and use our tried and true system of democracy to determine which foods will advance and what falls by the wayside. Breakfast. Dessert. Sandwich. Snack. Division by calorie packed division square off in a food fight to the finish with only one true victor left standing when the carnage finally subsides. Along the way, your boys drop the secret to making a McDoogle, unmask the bagel industry not based in New York, and mix ethnic delicacies to create all new gourmet experiences. Toss in a few stories from Hammer's innovative employment history at Starbucks and a few other antics that ensue and you have yourself a Hammer Time that will have you say "I'm lovin' it."

Talking Points

  • The Comment Piñatas get cracked open. 
  • A sticky syrup situation, rolls with holes, and PB Times. 
  • The Snowman Shuffle to the first Veagle. 
  • Quarter Pounder flounders.
  • Simpler times in America on the back nine and bringing people together. 
  • The McDoogle, the "presence of health," and sauce strategies. 
  • Defending the cheeseburger. 
  • Hammer makes you an offer you can't refuse.
  • Chef Jandora applies to Tavo's Tacos in full force.
  • Mark wins the Social Lottery. 

Circle Of Trust Talking Points

  • Momo watches Sofia and Blanche getting that Nut Nut.
  • Potatoes aren't apples and owning all the blueberries in the world. 
  • Revisiting blizzards and understanding food adultery. 
  • The first Cheeseburger McFlurry. 
  • Hammer's innovative employment history at Starbucks earns him an extra nickel every hour... that he declines. 
  • Vibing since youth, The Pizza Song, and the varying levels of Coca-Cola Classic (including a secret level). 
  • Moments of silence as potentially planted moments of entertainment. 
  • Where are you Biggie in your life?
  • The Final Four Face Off and the grande royale battle to the finish. 
  • Hawaiian Pizza Alternates, Kung Pao-ritos, and a Would You Rather that's Dragon Ballz Deep. 


Gus Fieri

Mark Brickey


20 Minutes Of New Content

All week long the Hammer Time gang will be hanging out with you to remind the free listeners that the party has moved on iTunes to Violent Gentlemen's Hammer Time. 

As a bonus for the week, Hammer Time has some new content prepared for you every morning. Today the gang talks continues talking about bad co-workers, construction worker hazing and wonder how much would it cost Hamer to create a new look for Gus Fieri

To celebrate our new podcast feed and to make it easier for new listeners to catch up with the good times over at Hammer Time. All week long we are re-releasing some of our most popular episodes from the last 16 months of Hammer Time. 

Today's first reissue is episode No.5 our first annual Memorial Day BBQ where the guys play Chip, Snack, Dough!