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The Circle of Trust Archive

The Circle of Trust is the paid subscriber content for listeners of the Adventures In Design podcast. Containing over 300+ episodes and 500 hours of design, illustration, printing and business tips n tricks. Hear every episode in it’s entirety! The Circle of Trust has the full Adventures In Design audio catalog, featuring every episode with bonus content added or you can choose to go straight to the bonus content. Every topic possible on following your creative passion as a hobby or career has been covered in this collection and we’re not even close to finishing the conversation adding another 200 episodes in 2016. 

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805 - Night Watch Studios Tallboy & Krusty

Mark Brickey


When the right couples work together, they bring out the best in each other. That's precisely the story we have today as Krusty and Tallboy work together to turn Night Watch Studios into a fully realized brand showcasing Tallboy's illustrations and their fun sense of humor. 

Discover More Tallboy In The Circle of Trust

800 - The 800th Episode With Skinner & Alex Pardee

Mark Brickey


Collect All 3 Covers.


It's the 800th episode of Adventures In Design and to celebrate we hit record on a conversation with Skinner, Alex Pardee, and Mark Brickey. The notes got thrown out, and the guys just sorted out how they arrived on this Monday and where they hope they're headed while sharing their experiences of being born in the 70s. 

796 - Matt Dawson Founder of Crop Creative Conference.

Mark Brickey


"Learning To Work Together" with Matt Dawson Founder of Crop Creative Conference. 

Matt Dawson is a southern-based graphic designer who can be found on Instagram as @StayGrayPonyBoy. He recently left freelance to form a small studio with two friends, Ash Collective and he's the founder, producer, booking agent for Crop and Pop Up Crop creative conferences. 

Today's episode is about learning to work together. Whether Matt is working with his wife, his partners at Ash or the several people that help him produce Crop and Pop Up Crop, Matt knows that company you keep, helps you build the company.  If you want to go fast go alone if you want to go far go together. 

August 17th Portland Oregon

792 - App Development The Landscape of Constant Change with Dave Swartz of MEDL Mobile.

Mark Brickey


Dave Swartz knows the world of app development from every angle, from developing successful apps for Fortune 500 companies through his own company MEDL mobile, to developing his app that took off like wildfire until the big boys from the valley crushed him out of the digital space. He's lived it, learned from it and is ready to talk all about most of it on today's AID. 

785 - Growing Your Business Small with Radical Co-Operative

Mark Brickey


785 - Growing Your Business Small with Radical Co-Operative 

Mathew Foster & Neil Hubert run Radical Co-Operative (or RadCo.) A business that they purposely keep small. Going against conventional wisdom has served them well because keeping the company the proper size allows them to pick the clients and work that they want to do, instead of a career full of projects they have to do. 

Sometimes adjusting your perspective can help you see everything clearer and RadCo see's their position in the industry crystal clear. Interviewing clients to make sure that they are the proper fit, making sure everyone understands that they are commercial artists and even though RadCo doesn't want to be known as illustrators they want you to see that the human hand touched the work. 

In this episode, you will hear how RadCo is building from the ground-up brand identities for emerging businesses. We will look at several real-world branding case studies to better illustrate how this LA-based duo makes traditional look cool and dial classic into perfect. Get ready to meet two of China Town's best blue-collar designers. 

778 - Tony Diaz - Industry Print Shop

Mark Brickey


Tony Diaz is the founder of Industry Print Shop from Austin, Texas. Tony has done an amazing job of keeping his shop at the perfect size. He respects his customers, appreciates his team and is grateful for every day. He has big plans for creating an in-house brand and fully using social media to tell the stories Industry creates every day. 

773 - Frank Brothers Guitars

Mark Brickey


Nick and Tim Frank are the crafters behind Frank Brothers Guitars, a small custom guitar company located in downtown Toronto, Ontario. These guys love making guitars and the love shows in the final product a Frank Brothers Guitar. Learn how a small company values their customers as partners in the process of custom creation and how this tiny shop uses content creation as a way to tell their companies story.  The quality of their two models is mindblowing, the consistency of their handmade product is unreal and the way this family business runs is very impressive. Sit down with the brothers and hear how a Canadian brand classic is born. 

390 - Ed Templeton

David Defeo

Ed Templeton has never tried to hide from uncertainty and danger. After establishing himself as a professional skater he pushed onward by founding Toy Machine, teaching himself to paint after a trip to Europe, and becoming a photographer with countless gallery shows. His desire to capture and interpret life as it happens spawns from a ceaseless fascination with every facet of human life. Ed looks unflinchingly at his life and the ones around him to hold back up a mirror for anyone willing enough to look at and learn from his artwork. Through his DIY ethic Ed has learned how to make an impact on his audience with everything from a pair of socks to the cover of his own book staring up at you. Get ready to learn from a living legend how to find inspiration everywhere you look and not be afraid to look right back, or even interact directly with it.

Talking Points

  • What it feels like to be a living legend and being inducted into the Skateboard Hall Of Fame.
  • The trajectory of skate art from precious to personable.
  • Bolstering inspiration from other multi-talented artists.
  • Finding your style before your skill.
  • Innovative art that felt inconsequential when it was made.
  • Removing the barrier between polished art and the people.
  • What to do with an influx of cash that isn't permanent.
  • Being raised by a member of the Greatest Generation.
  • Handling success financially and personally.
  • Living under the fear of returning to poverty.
  • How Ed's first "cigarette" turned off from drugs and alcohol.
  • Moving past terrible traditional role models and not being a victim.
  • Loyalty and Jason Lee.
  • Playing for the long game in life and not burning bridges.
  • Operating with full transparency to keep your friends.
  • How to build an empire that lasts and the benefits of being a dictator.
  • Ed's daily workflow.
  • Realizing you've made a career choice that won't last.
  • Teaching yourself to paint.
  • The slow build to earning your fame.
  • Prepping for potential failure.
  • Teaching yourself photography.
  • Finding value in your unique view of the world.
  • Respecting your subject matter and how to shoot on the move.
  • Night Lurkers, Girls On Skateboards, and making people Others.
  • The fine line of perversion and art.
  • Staying unbiased to your subject matter no matter what.
  • Paris during the terror attacks.
  • Making transcendental photography.
  • How to play to people's ego.
  • What a mohawk means today.
  • Forming yourself and your life with your partner.
  • Being unflinchingly honest in your art and sharing naked photos of your wife with world.
  • Are you cap[turing moments or just bragging?
  • Skateboarding as an adult and managing injuries.
  • Filling the void form your past life and finding what motivates you now.
  • Are you designing for your peers or your customers?
  • Everything after 1963 sucks.
  • How to not taking what you're doing to seriously.
  • Loving design and overturning every detail.
  • Doing everything yourself and keeping things weird.
  • Why you don't need anyone else's opinion about your art.
  • Staying inspired when you stay in the same spot.
  • Finding connections with similar creatives.
  • Trying to make our perfect work look handmade.
  • Skateboardings contribution to the design world over the last 30 years.
  • The benefits of making things with no one to answer to.
  • Showing your process and keeping art human
  • Avoiding fights while you're in line.

373 - Bobby Kim of The Hundreds

David Defeo

If you want someone to listen you have to grab their attention. If you want to keep that attention you need to have something worth saying. Everyday each of us are endlessly marketed to and Bobby Kim of The Hundreds found his own way to cut through the white noise and speak directly to the world from his early blog posts to his current seat at the head of the streetwear industry where he now uses the attention he earned to continue fighting for a better world. The Hundreds was the first platform Bobby used to gain our attention yet there is so much more to this politically charged, socially introspective, feminist father who applies his mind to his own impact on the community around him. Far from an out of touch and jaded who's who in the fashion world, Bobby has pioneered what a brand can do and how they fit into the marketplace from the small doors to mall doors. So listen up because Bobby has something to say and its definitely worth your attention.

Talking Points

  • How wanting to be involved with your interests and hobbies transfers over when you run your own business.
  • The early signs of streetwear and why it is so difficult to put your finger on the beginning of something.
  • The importance in labeling a movement so it can be marketed.
  • The initial goals of The Hundreds and how they distinguished themselves as more than just another shirt based brand.
  • Blogging before using a computer was cool.
  • Finding the avenues available to express yourself when the obvious ones are closed off.
  • How social media has changed the ability to find and engage with mentors.
  • How being DIY pushes you to be better at what you're doing and the benefit of having an adversary.
  • What to do as a parent when your kids have no obstacles to overcome.
  • Bobby the Lawyer and how he found his true calling
  • Leaning on IP for recognition from fans and how to properly use a flip to actually say something.
  • Bobby shares a cryptic legal outlook shared by Tim Doyle
  • Focusing on yourself and not being concerned with what others are doing.
  • The lack of sustainability in a company with nothing to say.
  • Bracing yourself for the eventual backlash of expressing your opinion in an overly sensitive public spectrum.
  • Is opening a location with high visibility and even higher rent a fiscally beneficial move?
  • The secondary aspect of a brand that also acts as an ad agency be leveraging credibility within their fanbase.
  • Telling a story within a collaboration to give it impact and meaning for both parties involved.
  • The true fate of Boba Fett.
  • Turning consumers into eventual paychecks over time.
  • The pros and cons of going from Fairfax to Mall Doors and how controlling distribution can protect and limit your brand.
  • Two Walt disciples geek out over Disneyland and what is was like for Bobby to own a piece of it for five hours.
  • How to impress the 15 year old inside of you.
  • Leaving breadcrumbs for anyone interested enough to follow you.
  • The joy in connecting with other people
  • The pressure of defining what is next and staying as funky as your last cut.
  • Handling the responsibility of representing a company that has employees counting on it and people depending on it to maintain its credibility.

464 - Anthony Green

David Defeo

Anthony Green has used his life to travel down many creative roads and in every incantation you will find the same burning spirit waiting underneath to be unleashed. While luck and raw talent have played a pivotal role in his success, there is no denying that Anthony has a connection with every aspect defining the human experience from the most vulnerable to the most carnal. By publicly surrendering to these raw emotions, people around the world have transcended language barriers and jumped over literal barriers to share just one moment in proximity to the emotions Anthony personifies on stage that also drive them. All these experiences come at different costs that Anthony welcomes from balancing family time and life on the road to overcoming addiction and developing a whole new playbook on coping. Nothing is held back as Mark and Anthony leave it all on stage for everyone to hear in this emotional interview into the mind and heart of a perfect hollywood height little god.

*Cover photo courtesy of Andrew Swartz.

Talking Points

  • Serendipitous moments cluing you in to where you need to be in life.
  • Taking different paths to end up in the same place.
  • Decompressing from tour to take care of your family life.
  • Surrendering to the freedom found on stage.
  • The common bond between Anthony and his audience.
  • The wave on stage and in song.
  • Acknowledging the sexual energy that surrounds everything.
  • Facing your insecurities in front of everyone.
  • Giving your kids the contact buzz.
  • Looking at the family you grew up in and the family you made.
  • Changing everything about your life to develop a new playbook.
  • Anxiety, insecurity, and overcoming it.
  • Where do you place your energy and how does that reflect on what you want?
  • The evolution of the relationship with your parents.
  • Biting the bullet and soldiering on.
  • A dangerous energy lurking behind confidence.
  • Intimacy as a necessity and balancing who delivers the discipline as new parents.
  • Mrs. Doubtfire-ing it 100% no matter which side of it you're on.
  • Fighting back for your freedoms.
  • Feeling and defining God.
  • Battling with your addiction to placate introverted needs and how Young Legs pivoted to Pixie Queen.
  • The short cut to feeling great and losing your regular coping mechanisms.
  • Self reflected relationships with Scott Weiland on social media.
  • Offering yourself up to the world and holding the audience in the palm of your hand.
  • Breaking the cycle of hero worship and sharing what you're scared of the most.
  • Anthony's Black Book and daily exercises to express yourself.
  • Seeing past the wildness to your wellspring of inspiration.
  • Becoming a mountain and staying in love with music.
  • Staying humble in the face of praise.
  • Hearing your voice for the first time on old tape recordings.
  • The  unquenchable desire to make music even during your off time.
  • Different bands. Different energies.
  • Yoko Ono Syndrome and being yourself at home.
  • The father Anthony wants to be.

767 - Alfred Kurt Berger III

Mark Brickey


Alfred Kurt Berger III has worked on Disney's Tron Legacy, Alice Through The Looking Glass and Clash of The Titans. He's a visual effects designer, a storyboard artist, a character designer and damn good portrait illustrator. All of that is the least fascinating thing about the guy whom I think may be the most fascinating guest yet! Sit back, grab a cold coffee and get the headphones in your earholes because we're going on an adventure and your new bud Alf is leading the way.