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AID-AM 35 - David Smith - The BLKSMITH “25¢ Fortunes”

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AID-AM 35 - David Smith - The BLKSMITH “25¢ Fortunes”


AID-AM 35 - David Smith - The BLKSMITH “25¢ Fortunes”


Mark Brickey with David Smith and special guest Nathan Goldman sit in for a late night interview where they talk about how losing projects sucks and the embarrassment that comes along with the one that got away. Mark gives his opinion on online grammar narcs and how he lives by the golden rule of “Don’t Post About, What You Don’t Know About”. The guys talk about what makes for a good Instagram account and David talks about his stupid standards and how they at times cripple his goals. PLUS on the first ever Circle of Trust bonus content edition you can hear about how artists can work together and form their own design Bones Brigade, how having a centralized business guy in your micro firm can only help the productivity and profitability. Lastly each of the guys breakdown who they think has the perfect design career. To hear this content subscribe today at

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