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Episode 99 - Nate Duval “Built For Speed”

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Episode 99 - Nate Duval “Built For Speed”


Episode 99 - Nate Duval “Built For Speed”


Designer and illustrator Nate Duval stops by to talk about turning your work into a in-house brand.

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 99
• How effortless it is to sell online during the holidays and talk a little shit about the classic photo of tubes.
• After time learning to be smarter with what shows you book for your studio.
• Focusing on creating retail products to gain more control of your design career and cash flow.
• “Built For Speed” Nate breaks down his method of creating happy clients and customers while keeping his process efficient. 
• Reacting to crowd reactions at live shows and using that feedback to better improve your product line.
• Spending money hiring others to do what you shouldn’t be spending your time on.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
• Nate explains how he has been able to keep many regular clients over the years. 
• Work / Life balance and how it’s possible with good rules.

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