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12 Tubes of Christmas



Listen to the first 12 shows of December to get a daily holiday special from one of our favorite studios. Each offer will only last 24 hours or until the limited quantities sell out. Circle of Trust Members make sure to purchase your offerings over on the members section. All of our participating artists have been nice enough to offer you a little bit more for being in the Circle of Trust!

Our 2nd Tube of Christmas is the Hood Sisters offering a limited popup shop of holiday deals.
Circle of Trust Members Log In To Receive A Mystery Item With Every Purchase

Episode 302 - The Hood Sisters
with special co-host Sean Mort

Our 2nd Tube of Christmas is the Hood Sisters offering a limited popup shop of holiday deals.

Back for their 2nd appearance Amy & Jennifer Hood join us to talk aboutOdds & Sods their new straight to consumer product business. We explore the benefits of breaking your business into to focused disciplines. We also hangout and have a end of the year office party Shop Talk where any and all topics make their ways to these here downloadable airwaves for our Off Topic Tuesday. Sit back it’s a fun one!

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Content)

We stay off and on topic by exploring how we feel you make real money at design and focus on the relative terms of “success” and “wealthy”. Plus Mark asks the twins to explore their mortality and Mort-tally as we have fun with special co-host Sean Mort on this Off Topic Tuesday! 

LA Nights Poster
20.00 25.00

A hydraulic riddled Monte Carlo, Randy’s doughnuts, The Griffith Observatory, and the Hollywood sign. You can’t find more love for Los Angeles in any other poster.

This 18 x 24” poster is a 3-color screen print on French Construction Whitewash 100C Paper done by the fabulous people at Mama’s Sauce.

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Need My Netflix & Make Your Own Luck Hoodzpah Pin Pack

2 Enamel Pins

Make Your Own Luck

Need My Netflix

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Odds and Sodds Pin Pack (Includes Big Sur and PCH pins)

These soft enamel pins feature:

The iconic Bixby Creek Bridge overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Measures 2″H and features embossed back with 2 military clutches for secure fastening on your leathers, denims, or canvas. 

The most iconic piece of asphalt this side of the Rockies, winding 600 miles from San Clemente, through Santa Cruz, all the way up past San Francisco. This soft enamel pin measures .75″H with a military clutch back.

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 Episode 301 - (Click To Listen)

Episode 301 - (Click To Listen)

Episode 301 - 12 Tubes of Christmas with Sean Mort

Sean Mort is back in California and back on the show. This past weekend Mark & Sean worked a craft fair together and today share their retail and crafting strategies. Tons of tips on pricing, product placement and selling tips regarding selling artwork at a craft a fair. Also the guys make a major announcement about the future of the programming on Adventures In Design.  

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Content)

The Star Wars only episode of the Circle of Trust. You have been warned you will be warned in the episode this is not the content you are looking for! Or is it? If you love Star Wars Brick & Morter have you covered when the review Rolling Stones 50 Best 'Star Wars' Characters. All 50, one at a time. It’s a geek fest with NO SPOILERS for the new film but all SPOILER ALERTS for the first 6 films.

Sean Mort Print Shop Mystery Suitcase Sale
40.00 100.00

Help Sean lighten the load on his honeymoon by purchasing from his full priced stock from his show in LA last weekend.

• 3 random 16” x 20” silkscreen art prints
• 3 random Lil Fellas, 5” x 5” silkscreen mini art prints
• Circle of Trust members receive a bonus item chosen randomly from a 16” x 20” print, 8” x 10” print or an extra batch of Lil Fellas (Log In Here)
• A rare chance to pay domestic shipping for Sean Mort Print Shop products.

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