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The Circle of Trust Archive

The Circle of Trust is the paid subscriber content for listeners of the Adventures In Design podcast. Containing over 300+ episodes and 500 hours of design, illustration, printing and business tips n tricks. Hear every episode in it’s entirety! The Circle of Trust has the full Adventures In Design audio catalog, featuring every episode with bonus content added or you can choose to go straight to the bonus content. Every topic possible on following your creative passion as a hobby or career has been covered in this collection and we’re not even close to finishing the conversation adding another 200 episodes in 2016. 

393 - Shop Talk Friday with OK Pants

David Defeo

The King of Cleveland OK Pants sits down in the James and Billy chair for this week's Shop Talk. Aaron is no stranger to the hard work of creation and he brings us some much needed, applicable rust belt sensibility to our work day. With WMC Fest 7 on the August horizon the boys get into some of the improvements to this year's events and some after party antics already in the works. Mark and Aaron also get into the intellectual differences between mistakes, failures and not giving yourself an out when things get too hard. Aaron is known for his humor but don't mistake him for the future Guy Fieri of design, he puts alot of thought into everything he does form designing award shows to showcasing his hair on social media. Antics ensue.

Talking Points

  • The pained past of House Of Pain.
  • How the Celtics paved the way for hipsters and DDL.
  • Keeping your pride in your back pocket.
  • Spoiler Alert decorum and top priority entertainment.
  • Figuring out a morning ritual before you get down to work.
  • Getting out of your chair to balance pushing pixels.
  • The importance of diet, energy, and staying focused.
  • Commutes AKA the worst no matter how long it is.
  • A case for Cleveland and Rust Belt Renovation.
  • AID's return to WMC Fest and the (possibly early) After Party Announcement.
  • Improvements to the WMC Fest and making a three dimensional experience.
  • Being the first and diversifying from the competition you birthed.
  • Making the grade and finding the difference between mistakes and failures.
  • What OKPants uses Snapchat for.
  • A-log-a-rithim, algorithm, and Al Gore's rhythm.
  • Getting sold back the content you created and the injustice in curation.
  • Sharing your opinion doesn't do anything!
  • Both sides of the coin on Snapchat's lack of metrics.
  • The importance of storytelling in social media.
  • Design yourself as much as your work.
  • Aaron's bravery in letting his hair reflect the overriding themes in Jurassic Park.
  • The thin line of being funny and being taken seriously when you incorporate humor into your work.
  • Hear Mark cut one live!
  • The red tape to jump through pulling off a concept from boardroom to newsstand.
  • Working with your brother.
  • Trailer Park mentalities in social media.
  • Digital Blackface, context, and getting everyone to just calm down for a second.