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The Circle of Trust Archive

The Circle of Trust is the paid subscriber content for listeners of the Adventures In Design podcast. Containing over 300+ episodes and 500 hours of design, illustration, printing and business tips n tricks. Hear every episode in it’s entirety! The Circle of Trust has the full Adventures In Design audio catalog, featuring every episode with bonus content added or you can choose to go straight to the bonus content. Every topic possible on following your creative passion as a hobby or career has been covered in this collection and we’re not even close to finishing the conversation adding another 200 episodes in 2016. 

423 - Shop Talk with Sean Mort

David Defeo

The People's Champ is back in his country without a continent and ready to get back on the horse of printmaking. Before he kicks everything into high gear Mark and Sean talk about his trip to America and how Renegade in Los Angeles and Pitchfork went for him financially. With all the business aside the boys take a look at Sean's social choices while he was in Chicago and the assumption that everyone in the poster world are as tight as this infamous International Bromance of James Flames and Nate Duval. Lastly this Shop Talk examines the roles that API and AIGA play in a professional creative's career and what we expect from organizations at this type of level. Are either of these pillars in the design world still relevant and adapting to today's market or have they aged out of their original purpose and just prop up the illusion of a design career that no longer exists?

Talking Points

  • Sean wraps up his American Vacation and is back in Brexit Times.
  • Doing the math on predicting poster sales.
  • How to handle a fluctuating earning cycle and coming home with less loot than you planned.
  • The European Vacation versus The American Vacation.
  • Budgeting leads to vacations, VIP parking, and getting food delivered to your booth.
  • Rogue One Promotions (brought to you by Alan Campbell Art) and putting some effort into being entertaining on YouTube.
  • The real rationale behind Mark's iPad Prop purchase.
  • Illustration styles that work best digitally.
  • The $1300 Tasty Yummies Commissioned Experiment.
  • Sean hangs with Robert From Chicago and how Dairy Free Milkshakes can end a night early.
  • Why didn't Sean hang with The Cobra?
  •  The fascinating and funny life of the AID Godfather, Billy Baumann.
  • Using annual events as mile markers in your career for perspective.
  • Transitioning from gig posters to art prints.
  • Your first freelance steps and the importance in taking them.
  • Risk assessment on making gig posters.
  • The state of Flatstock at Pitchfork from our correspondent in the field, Sean Mort.
  • The various permutations of Flatstock and how its niche fits into different festivals.
  • Audience share and the evolution of API.
  • The 3rd Wave of Flatstock and the changing aesthetics of a career in art.
  • The shockingly low percentage of gig posters sold versus art prints sold.
  • Sean defends Flatstock.
  • Trying to have a cordial interview with AIGA.
  • Is Mark Taylor Swift or Kanye West?
  • The wholistic and honest picture AID paints of the art world.
  • Talking with someone who has their defenses up