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The Circle of Trust

The Circle of Trust is the paid subscriber content for listeners of the Adventures In Design podcast. Containing over 300+ episodes and 500 hours of design, illustration, printing and business tips n tricks. Hear every episode in it’s entirety! The Circle of Trust has the full Adventures In Design audio catalog, featuring every episode with bonus content added or you can choose to go straight to the bonus content. Every topic possible on following your creative passion as a hobby or career has been covered in this collection and we’re not even close to finishing the conversation adding another 200 episodes in 2016. 

621 - Shop Talk with Billy Baumann

David Defeo

Shop Talk is here so go get your drum and start banging because it's another classic episode with Mark and Billy. This week The Godfather of AID and your favorite podcaster pivot back and forth between the creative struggle and the mental struggle just waiting outside your doors. When you're cranking away at your desk you're bombarded with questions about the direction of your career, the direction of your latest piece, and the how that all relates to the direction of your bank account. Once you swivel out of your chair and join the rest of the world there is an entirely new set of questions to wrestle with regarding other people's dilemmas that will one day be knocking at your own door. Take a moment to collect yourself and make some sense of it all as Adventures In Design is here to help you make sense of at least a few of these troubling issues that are keeping you up at night. Antics sort of ensue.

Talking Points

  • A good man with a bad deed. 
  • Making room at Delicious with a sale and a scoop on the rebrand on Secret Panel. 
  • Perceptions of a leader and in house branding for professional sports have a conference. 
  • A fresh page out of the Book Of Baumann on looks and interiors. 
  • Connecting the dots on Trump's safe target and how it relates to other injustices that may or may not affect you yet. 
  • Distractions from the real issues and the nonstop marketing machine you're a part of. 

Circle Of Trust Talking Points

  • Help yourself by helping others. 
  • What's in your head versus what's on the page and the ecosystem of the business world. 
  • How far away are you from losing it all?
  • Support systems and savings. 
  • Learning compassion for your fellow man. 
  • Passing the real ninja test. 

It's time for some sports branding talk after Billy bragged about rubbing elbows with the best boys in the biz at a swanky Chicago party. The NFL's best square off in a branding battle like none other all done live with Dave, Dan, and Ben.

Savings will save you. It's important so we're going to say it again... savings will save you. If you don;t have some sort of plan in place or some sort of habit to start stacking some of those hard earned dollars in an account then listen to this workshop.

Aren Vandenburgh deserves a follow on your part. His site is or follow him on a plethora of social media sites because this guy is talented. So talented in fact that he made the poster countdown list a few episodes back!!!

620 - Hammer Time

David Defeo

If you use cacti or soft serve as a spell check strategy then this episode of Hammer Time is for you. If the summer sun's relentless rays have you racing into that Dirty Aquarium Window DQ for a trademarked treat then the seventh Hammer Time is for you. If you're on the fast track down the road to betes you guessed... this Hammer Time is for you. Mike, Mark, and Tavo enter a competition so fierce that sixteen enter and only one may leave, The Blizzard Battle Royale. In this showdown for the crown at the queen the boys pit flavor against flavor to determine this summer's chilled champion that flip your whole world upside down faster than the dessert's their judging. Cure those summertime sadness blues and sit back with your king sized crew of Dessert Boys that will keep you entertained with stories and potential tattoos across this epic showdown of sweet items mixed with ice cream.

Talking Points

  • Life in glass houses that blow up A/C units. 
  • Counting Rollins' money for him, a Mexican Maxwéll ad, and the Travis Barker effect on society. 
  • Dunkirk for breakfast. 
  • Eighty percent more or business class the Brickey way and the best reason to cancel a credit card. 
  • The Blizzard Battle Royale begins. 
  • Three of the worst candies, old people confections, and the coveted corner piece. 
  • Who is the all time executioner of sweet items?

Circle Of Trust Talking Points

  • #theroadtothebetes
  • Cultural divides, food adultery, and existence without a head. 
  • Hammer's Turtle. 
  • The Zero Bar, Skor, Payday, and Thurgood Jenkins only friend. 
  • Ice agents in the court once The Southern Lawyer shows up. 
  • A "would you rather" that you'd rather not. 

The Road To Betes begins its chronicles here on Hammer Time and is another Draft Pick-esque episode where the boys make their dream food court come true.

Before the summertime sadness set in Mark, Gus, and Hammer were riding high on the good times they thought would never end as they had their Fourth Of July BBQ.

Mark looks for the core of his summertime sadness for the first time on air with Dylan Garrett Smith. There might be less shenanigans but there is a lot to learn on Dylan's third appearance.

619 - The DKNG Show: Chapter 10 - The Christmas In July Special

David Defeo

We've always known The DKNG Show is a gift that keeps on giving but that's especially true in this latest chapter because it's Christmas In July! Not only do we once again get an in depth exploration of every project Dan and Nathan have worked on over the last two months, but Mark and the boys are announcing some special AID Giveaway winners all episode long. Chapter Ten is jam packed with work chronicled from concept to final product ranging from beer cans to printed posters and everything in between. Huge clients like Calloway, Mondo, and Almanac Beer Co. put their brand in the very capable hands of DKNG and we get the opportunity to learn from two modern day legends as they tell us how they work on a project from every angle. Christmas In July gets everyone's excitement at an all time high and that's bound to attract the attention of a few characters to drop in so listen close to an adventure filled with giveaways, graphics, and some surprises you have to hear to believe.

Talking Points

  • Seasonal Ingredients that dictate product releases. 
  • Tropical Space sketches with astronauts, Space Shamus, and the palm trees that got cut. 
  • Limited visibility of flat artwork put on a round can. 
  • Setting up a Screens N' Suds poster companion piece with a few different players. 
  • The value of a return client and the long lasting relationships that business owners respond to. 
  • Work so precise it looks like you didn't even do it. 
  • Documentation or interpretation?
  • Translating DKNG's work into the enamel pin game and getting past the solid lines to the stamped process. 
  • Working with the Alamo Drafthouse to create more limited merchandise for Homecoming's release. 
  • Parlaying one project into many. 
  • Visiting the set of the holiday hit Hendry Alone and a drop in from Hannakuh Steve. 

Circle Of Trust Talking Points

  • Calloway comes to DKNG for a series of golf inspired posters starting with the British Open. 
  • Composing the winning pose.
  • Free form geometric sketches of the hardest part that act as the game plan. 
  • Staying on track with fresh eyes, choosing the best printing technique, and the key to capturing someone's likeness. 
  • Putting your thumbprint on a portrait. 
  • The promotional aspects of the project laid out from the get go. 
  • A challenge to create an alternate illustration style using vector shapes and avoiding image trace or other filters. 
  • The "I am Group" workflow, Revision Eyes, and finding the value for process videos. 
  • The design decisions behind strong sellers in repeat markets. 
  • Legal restrictions on landmarks and hinging your success on other people's IP. 
  • Reinventing your merchandise to stay relevant in the poster scene circuit. 
  • Irreplaceable face to face interactions with your customers and fans.
  • Diversification and not letting nostalgia affect your business decisions. 

Dan and Nathan broke down some design barriers as they created this isometric designs for Almanac Beer. Each episode of The DKNG Show is filled with chicken nuggets and this one is no exception.

There is a reason clients keep coming back to DKNG for more work. While talent is part of the equatio there is alot more you can do and this workshop is built around those concepts so get out your note pads.

Two years ago... well before The DKNG Show existed and Hendry wasn't a twinkle in Sean's eye Mark sat down with the boys to discuss expansion, their first steps, and live vending. This is a great episode to compare where they are now.

618 - Mickey Leaks: D23 Park Announcements and a Pixar Pier deep dive

David Defeo

Mickey Leaks is a look behind the ears of the world's most successful entertainment company to discover what makes their magic work so well. Fresh off the heels of the D23 Expo, Mark and Sean have a lot to discuss as Bob Iger unveils whats in store over the next few years for Disney fans near and far. Every park is constantly being improved, updated, and reworked to keep newcomers and season pass holders alike coming back to keep their magic meter fully charged. D23 focused on the technology transforming several new e-ticket attractions, developing an all new experience at Galaxy's Edge, and expanding past the traditional role of hotels. Mark mocks up some slides to show the how much room the Imagineers have to work with as they rework Paradise Pier into Pixar Pier and all the potential waiting to be unlocked. We can't all be Walt, but Mickey Leaks can get us a little closer to understanding the genius behind his legacy.

Talking Points

  • Transitioning from CEO to celebrity. 
  • Galaxy's Edge in Anaheim and the total immersive experience that's promised. 
  • Redefining what it means to be at an amusement park. 
  • Come to the dark ride. 
  • Flying the Millennium Falcon for Galactic Credits as a six person team. 
  • Nonlinear discovery and the mechanics behind telling a story that unfolds in multiple ways. 
  • Tron comes to Florida and Hollywood Studios makes the first Mickey themed attraction. 
  • Animatronic set design and video projections that make up 2 ½D. 
  • Epcot will get a Guardians Of The Galaxy dark ride, a Ratatouille trackless attraction, and the spacious circular restaurant. 
  • New York Hotels in Paris, going to space for two days with Disney, and inter-park transit. 
  • From Paradise Pier to Pixar Pier and the hard truth about kids today. 
  • A Google Maps overview of California Adventure and the potential for Pixar Fest. 
  • Realistic moves for Construction Adventure and all its additions that could double its footprint. 

Circle Of Trust Talking Points

  • From Magic to Tragic and touching back on season six's finale. 
  • Arya as a faceless assassin, the King Of The Whitewalkers, and the Three Eyed Raven returns. 
  • Does TV need to break the ice of modern day themes for uncultured viewers? 
  • Sansa Stark's rough road and Cersei's Trump-esque political choices. 
  • Sam The Apprentice, a star studded cameo, and the cynic becomes a believer. 
  • An epic return to Dragonstone and all the pieces move closer and closer together. 


Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Official Disney Press Photos. 
All photos By Disney / D23

Paradise Pier To Be Redesigned As Pixar Pier By 2018

Expected Marvel Land Area Short Term Land To Be Converted

Marvel Land Long Term Land available For Expansion

William Stout is a living legend that AID got to interview during Mondo Con where he tells us about his time illustrating work that inspired the film Jurassic Park however... he also helped Disney on some attractions that never came to be and some that did.

Take a look back at Mickey Leaks Zero where Mark and Sean stay outside the gates and analyze the business behind the magic and how Disney runs it's company. With tax incentives from Anaheim and plenty of rooms to sell, there's a lot to learn in this episode.

With over fifteen years of working at Disney, Eric Tan is an incredible peak behind the ears of how the magic is applied to products. Not only does his work speak for itself, but he is surrounded by talented artists that push him and his own imagination.

617 - Adventures In Pickles with Mark and Billy

David Defeo

Bang the jar and book your ticket to the Philippines as Mark and Billy open up what Design PIckle is all about. Whether you feel threatened by their low monthly retainer or laugh at their low quality of work, it's worth examining the business model behind the latest attack on design at large. From their up front infrastructure to their stock photography testimonials, understanding how Design Pickle works is a tool for you to determine the value behind what you do as a creative professional. Later on, Billy lets us in on what it's like to work for Phish and Mark takes us over to Kloc's Corner where the boys answer some questions by uprooting some of the whys behind their answers. Antics ensue.

Talking Points

  • Alex Jones in Bon Iver, the AID Slack Channel, and a Pro Trump run in at D23. 
  • Explaining the business model of Design Pickle. 
  • Russ Perry and quality control on marketing. 
  • The infrastructure that gives Design Pickle a leg up over other designers. 
  • Email, Jars, and pickling it. 
  • Who is Design Pickle's target market and the problem this poses for Freelancers?
  • Gambling with retainers. 
  • Separating yourself from the herd and carefully chosen verbiage. 
  • Mark uncovers fake client testimonials by recognizing stock photos of "April."
  • Leading by example and letting go of clients who won't get who you are. 
  • Morality and outsourcing to the Pickle with ten of your friends. 
  • The difference between Russ and Us. 
  • Finding the proper course of action. 

Circle Of Trust Talking Points

  • Posters based on geographic locations, lions that are too rasta-esque, and drippy owl caves on foreign planets. 
  • Supporting drug culture through song structure. 
  • Pushing your work to the next level and a cost analysis on choosing your battles. 
  • Starting with why. 
  • Family responsibilities, selfishness, and trying to have it all. 
  • Partnerships, percentages, and progress. 
  • Combining your talents and your beliefs. 
  • The left eats itself. 

So... what's next indeed. One great place to start is by developing a game plan to attract clients who understand the value behind the work you do and think your opinion counts as well. This will walk you through some tried and true tactics to get some better people in your corner.

If you want to learn how to Start With Why then our ten part Mission Of Trust will get you digging deep into what you do, who you are, and how much time you have to accomplish your goals. With a clear path and some definable goals in front of you the dismal world of Design Pickle will seem like an afterthought.

Information is power and unfortunately that means we have some more bad news for you. Design as a service is being attacked on all fronts and this episode of BrickeyLeaks gives you a look at one of the terrible contracts circulating through our profession from merchandise companies that see us as replaceable.