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The Circle of Trust

The Circle of Trust is the paid subscriber content for listeners of the Adventures In Design podcast. Containing over 300+ episodes and 500 hours of design, illustration, printing and business tips n tricks. Hear every episode in it’s entirety! The Circle of Trust has the full Adventures In Design audio catalog, featuring every episode with bonus content added or you can choose to go straight to the bonus content. Every topic possible on following your creative passion as a hobby or career has been covered in this collection and we’re not even close to finishing the conversation adding another 200 episodes in 2016. 

784 - VidCon Was It Worth It? Comment Below Special With Carrlyn Bathe

Mark Brickey


Over the weekend AID host, Mark Brickey attended VidCon 2018 with good friend and fellow professional content creator Carrlyn Bathe. VidCon is a digital video conference that focuses mostly on YouTube's creators as well as other new media video formats. Our hosts break down the pass level they purchased and the ROI for dollars and time spent. 

Three favorite classes attended and information explained:
A guide to Twitch by Twitch staff and popular creators.
Rian Bosak of Super Bam "How YouTube Actually Works"
Matt Gielen of  Little Monster "YouTube Thumbnail Optimization"

Last but certainly not least a fully comprehensive review of the Casey Niestat fireside chat. SPOILER ALERT! It was very inspirational. 

In Part Two For Circle of Trust Members

Mark & Carl breakdown exactly who VidCon is perfect for and who should probably consider putting it off for another year. Tips on how to make the most of the event and major lessons learned. 

And how the event inspired them both to be not only better creators but how to follow best practices for achieving the creation goals. 

Wake Up Call - Volume: 01 - Chapters: 25-30

Mark Brickey


Wake Up Call - Volume: 01 - Chapters: 25-30

Chapter 25: 

Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade & Us

Lessons learned from this week's self-inflicted deaths.


Chapter 26:

It's Starting To Work For Me

Reflecting back on my week and

starting to feel good about letting go of the metrics.


Chapter 27:

Make Good Work And The Rest Will Happen

How exactly does "The Rest" happen? 

Exploring the half-truth of this often repeated inspirational quote.


Chapter 28: 

What Would You Give To Have It All

Shift your focus to what you wont give up

to know what means the most to you.


Chapter 29: 

How Can I Not Take It Personal

It's business it's not personal, 

until the business becomes your identity.


Chapter 30:

The One Thing You Can Control

Stop hitting the panic button and

Start hitting pause.

Wake Up Call - Volume: 01 - Chapters: 20-24

Mark Brickey


Wake Up Call - Volume: 01 - Chapters: 20-24

Chapter 20:

The Wake Up Happy Challenge

For the month of June, 

I'm challenging myself and you to do

three simple things each morning.


Chapter 21:

My Greatest Secret For Productivity

How to power through

when you feel exhausted and uninspired

to be productive and creative.


Chapter 22: 

If It Was Easy Everyone Would Be Doing It

The simple truth is there are no secrets to success.


Chapter 23:

Don't Let The Finish Line, 

Keep You From Starting

Allow yourself to start, 

Make projects not excuses. 


Chapter 24:

The Power Of A Compliment

A compliment is something

you don't even know you need

until someone gives you one. 

Wake Up Call - Volume 01 - Chapters: 12-19

Mark Brickey


Wake Up Call - Volume: 01 - Chapters: 12-19

Chapter 12: 

The Friendship Model

4 easy steps to make friends and

change your quality of life in the process.


Chapter 13:

Your Memorial Day

If it all ended today, tomorrow would not count, 

who are you right now?


Chapter 14:

Social Media Is Not The Answer

What's the most honest, brutal way, 

to tell the truth?


Chapter 15: 

Being Real Is Your Only Real Option

Because honesty, honestly is what cuts through.


Chapter 16:

Impossible Not To Compare Yourself To Others

Can you reverse engineer your hero's success and

make a template that works for you?


ChapterS 17, 18, 19:

Three part personal evaluation

Negative Versus Realistic

Harmful Versus Helpful

Deprecation Versus Appreciation

Wake Up Call - Volume 01 - Chapters: 7-11

Mark Brickey


Wake Up Call - Volume: 01 - Chapters: 7-11

Chapter 07: 

How's Your American Dream?

Taking control of the

metrics that matter.


Chapter 08:

The Wing

I had never known fear

until I feared losing what I had.


Chapter 09:

Growing Up, 

Doesn't Mean Giving Up

You’ll have to make some sacrifices

but you don’t have to sacrifice it all.


Chapter 10:

If You Don't Work Hard For It, 

It's Hard To Respect It

When you work hard for something

it gives meaning to what you're working for.


Chapter 11: 

Let Somebody Else

Worry About It

Who Could Love Someone Who Leaves Trash On The Ground?

Wake Up Call - Volume 01

Mark Brickey


If you haven't heard the new AID Network series Wake Up Call take this week to get caught up on the first 30 episodes. It's as raw, honest and inspirational as Adventures In Design has ever allowed itself to be. Let's wake up together to the challenge of making ourselves better.  

782 - Shop Talk With Billy Baumann

Mark Brickey


How creatives create self-imposed challenges and make projects harder than they need to be because we care about the work.  Mark shares some awkward interactions that he's had with the creative community in stories that are for a COT exclusive episode only. Trying to understand why some designers feel compelled to give unsolicited art critiques. Should Delicious Design League start a new project or create an in-house marketing project? The guys' breakdown that success doesn't cure all problems and reach out to you the audience to let someone know if you're feeling depressed and like you can't make another day. 

781 - Lincoln Design Co.'s Brand Practice No.01 "AID Network"

Mark Brickey


On the pilot episode of Lincoln Design Co.'s Brand Practice, we explore a design campaign Lincoln recently created for Element Skateboards and recent work the guys crafted for Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary. 

Today's Brand Practice is the branding of the AID Network. As host, Mark Brickey diversifies his programming efforts beyond the original podcast Adventures In Design the guys went through hundreds of sketches to get the newly forming network logo just right. Hear from the client side the briefing and vision of the brand and from Lincoln's design perspective hear how they made the design decisions they pursued. It's a rare conversation where you get to listen to the client and artist perspective at the same time, but that's the idea of this show to give everyone a 360º view of the tricky task of making brands that are built to last. 

Episode Artwork

782 - Why Did Solo Fail? How Does StarWars Handle It's First Failure? Comment Below

Mark Brickey


OK, Solo is far from being a total failure, but it did go way over budget and not deliver the returns that the previous three films have under the new Disney ownership. We always study the big wins to find our tips on success, so what can the creative community learn from this space opera stumble.

This episode also looks at Disneyland's adjusted Annual Pass program punishing the hardcore fans to make moves for next summer's Galaxy's Edge opening and explore the Pixar Pier preview ticket that didn't sell out. Has Disneyland finally found a price point the loyal fans will reject?

In The Circle of Trust we look at the creative workarounds for Dolly Parton's genius concept for a Netflix series, how will they fix Orange Is The New Black and the Rosanne debacle showed the private sector policing its own better / faster than Washington ever could dream of. All of this and a lot of fun as we study big media moves to better our own.