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The Circle of Trust

The Circle of Trust is the paid subscriber content for listeners of the Adventures In Design podcast. Containing over 300+ episodes and 500 hours of design, illustration, printing and business tips n tricks. Hear every episode in it’s entirety! The Circle of Trust has the full Adventures In Design audio catalog, featuring every episode with bonus content added or you can choose to go straight to the bonus content. Every topic possible on following your creative passion as a hobby or career has been covered in this collection and we’re not even close to finishing the conversation adding another 200 episodes in 2016. 

571 - Circle Of Trust Friday Episode

David Defeo

Circle Of Trust Members get access to an exclusive episode from the archives of AID. Before the lost Designer Con panel is played Mark pulls us all around the fireside for some one on one. How does Adventures In Design plan out its releases? Why did Shop Talk move to Thursday? Why does an episode called Start Today take so long to happen? Your favorite podcaster and master of strategery Mark Brickey pulls back the curtain to give you some insider examples of how to plan out and release content to maximize the juice form the squeeze. You also get to hear about the world of 3D Printing with some industry leaders Mark interviewed a few months ago. Wrap your head around an exploding industry that is poised to change the world with the same dynamic fervor that the internet did. Remember mail before it was electronic? Remember Thomas Guides in the back of your car. Well 3D Printing will have you saying those same types of questions except about things like printing your house, a new heart, or your latest wallet.

Talking Points

  • A look into how the AID Programming is coming along. 
  • Go be a part of what you want to be a part of. 
  • Sticking with your style, reoccurring characters that become your tribe, and getting to know you... yeah.... you!
  • New workflows, new creations, and new chapters in AID. 
  • Discovery and recruitment. 
  • Scheduling strategies and pacing content to get the most juice from the squeeze. 
  • Shocking people at the top of the entertainment food chain.
  • Interviews not advertising. 
  • Filling a hole in the market. 
  • The right fit and function for the job at hand.
  • Printing out houses, grabbing the media's attention, and technology from thirty years ago. 
  • Breaking down the barrier of prototypes. 
  • The hurdles in education around the 3D Printing Market. 
  • Following the path from 2D to 3D design. 
  • Going old school and sculpting.
  • Shopping for printers to find the right fit for your work. 
  • Change how you think for the best result and interpreting original concepts for every conceivable angles. 
  • Where is the biggest growth in the market. 
  • Closing the gap between Non visual and visual learners regardless of gender. 
  • Making your wallet and taking 2D into 3D. 
  • The 3Doodler is changing the world and has been an incredible entry point. 
  • Cost effective price points and finding the value in buying your own printer. 
  • Plastics that smell like waffles. 
  • What's the investment to get into professional 3D Printing. 
  • The next turn for a growing industry. 

Hammer Time was the very first, deliberate spin off from the AID Universe and Andy Williams of Every Time I Die and Pythons was the starting off point. Hold on to your hats and glasses.

Interested in the applications of the 3D Printing World you just heard about? Huck Gee acquired one in his fun factory and talks to Mark about how it has changed his workflow.

As Start Today looms closer take a look at Biggie's earlier appearances on AID. Just like the hardcore he grew up in, Biggie is a self made man who turned his friendships into his well being. 

570 - March Poster Countdown with Billy Baumann

David Defeo

Gather around and get ready to hear the Top Ten Posters from during the month of March. The Godfather of Adventures In Design himself, Billy Baumann, has selected the creme de la creme from countless posts to analyze and obsess over with Mark. Their insight on composition, color, and craftsmanship will help you unlock the secrets behind what makes a successful piece and how to utilize those same skills in your own work. With decades of experience between their respective creative careers, Mark and Billy spot every trick in the book and explain what has set each unique entry apart from the rest of the pack. This month has a few familiar faces, a few up and comers, but most importantly exhibits a wide range of both style and approach to the world of posters.

Talking Points

  • A chance to meet Billy and analyzing what DDL is offering and at what price. 
  • Going beyond design to adjust in an uncertain economy. 
  • The Double gets retooled and returns with a special coupon code. 
  • Stylization, texture, and subtle artistic choices that make the difference. 
  • Billy's color warming tip. 
  • Suggesting a narrative to keep your audience a little longer. 
  • Why you need to layer your composition. 
  • Heading straight for the keyhole, pulling back, the foliage foreground cock off. 
  • Gauging your reactions to artwork that truly stands out. 
  • Designing to the era. 
  • Do you sign your work?
  • Loosening up for a focal gradient.
  • The world of the teardrop shape and identifying an illustration trend. 
  • What's jazz and what's planned?
  • Finding efficiency in your workflow. 
  • Is the poster market saturated?
  • Star Wars has fatigued its consumer base so don't expect a sell out. 
  • Deliberate emphasis on deliberate focal points. 
  • Catching the in between moments and throwing people off your scent. 
  • Abstracting your subject matter and the point of illustrating instead of copying. 
  • Where a hare let's its hair down. 
  • Making your own rules just to break them. 
  • Graphical compositions in illustration work. 
  • Building a brand in subject manner over style. 
  • The importance of a congruent color palette. 
  • Searching for themes with a broader appeal and carries some of its own weight. 
  • Making art, making money, and looking for the sweet spot in between. 
  • Watching modern poster companies trying to find their own voice in the scene. 
  • Reacting to the Euro. 
  • Avoiding the negative from the nineties. 
  • A screenprint that looks like a giclee. 
  • What can you accomplish on a screen?
  • The Pepsi Challenge on women illustrating women and the predator angle. 

Dan Mumford sat down with Mark to discuss his process and rise through the illustration ranks on a trip out to California. If you need to know more about why the Force is always with him... start here.

If you need some old school poster counting down flavor look no farther than last month's episode with both Mitch Putnam and Rob Jones giving you behind the scenes commentary on Mark's Top Ten picks.

Loose Leslie Herman made his debut on AID 212 sitting on a milk crate drinking a beer and our love affair hasn't stopped since. Hear all about how he makes the right mistakes in this incredible interview.

569 - Hammer Time

David Defeo

Deep from the air conditioned offices of the VGHC Warehouse comes another installment of Hammer Time. Join Mike Hammer of the VGHC, his co-host Mark Brickey from AID, and Gustavo Jaimes from Torch Tattoo for some much needed hanging out after another month on the mean streets of Southern California. These rowdy friends are far from rowdying down as their stories take you from seedy extended family member antics to challenging the toughest designer in the world. This episode skates around the boys sincere love of food as they play the first ever round of “Build My Food Court,” give away long protected secret wing recipes, and unexpected shopping sprees at Whole Foods to save some green. Even emergency room visits to avoid post-nap comas can’t keep these committed straight edgers away from any type of fun they can cook up. Leave your job pride at the door with The Snake and The Mongoose because it always matters who you get, and you got Hammer Time.

Talking Points

  • The premiere of Build My Food Court on the AID Network. 
  • A snake, a dark horse, and DQ's one softball hit away. 
  • "You tell me when to stop."
  • Failed attempts at diversity, that one place that always tricks you, and the mirror you don't want to stare into. 
  • Fake News Beth and Hammer's trip to the hospital. 
  • Second Dinner for the straight edgers. 
  • Unnatural glasses, nauseating water and the first few warning signs of smelling like sugar. 
  • "It says... high."
  • Coma nap level sugar intake when you trick or treat everyday. 
  • Taking a nutritionist to Whole Foods gets your Big Dog card revoked. 
  • Mark's secret wing recipe revealed!
  • Stabber Bros., one week in glasses, and taking a shit in the Nova. 
  • Getting down with The Mongoose and The Snake because it matters who you get. 
  • Flying first class and a problem with job pride. 
  • Act as if...
  • Being born a cowboy, subtle cap changes, and tucked in teeshes.
  • Channeling the real Hank Williams and growing up the son of a construction worker. 
  • Troubling extended family members. 
  • Gadget excitement. 
  • Are you the toughest designer to ever?

The preface that explains a lot about this month's cover and why Hammer ended up getting "High" twice. This is also the first time Gus joins Mark and Mike on Hammer Time.

Get your personal roadmap from Tasty Yummies on how to eat better and not take a nap and slip into a coma. This five step workshop lays down some easy to follow guidelines to more energy.

Hear Biggie's humble beginnings and how he took every opportunity given to him and made the most out of it to be the successful business owner he is today.

Production Delay - Start Today Sample Preview

Mark Brickey

Circle of Trust,

Due to some delays in production time for the premier episode of the Start Today music business podcast with Biggie & Brickey, there will be no new show today. However, we plan on releasing the episode this Friday. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we are working on trying to make a great new addition to the AID Network. Please enjoy this preview demo of our newest show. 

We'll see you on Wednesday with the return of our rowdiest monthly show Hammer Time and speaking of rowdy...  it's by far the rowdiest episode yet.  Thursday Mitch and Billy are scheduled for a Shop Talk / Poster Countdown and hopefully Friday we'll launch our newest show the Start Today music business podcast where Biggie and Brickey transcribe classic punk and hard core songs finding out their true meaning and discovering how they influenced each of the guys to become successful in the music & entertainment industries... well on one of them is successful, the other one the jury is still out on! See you tomorrow.  


568 - Breaking News

David Defeo

Start your week off right with some Breaking News to expand your brain and improve your career. Mark Brickey and Sean Mort fearlessly tackle each and every question from listeners at all different stages in their creative endeavors. How do you develop a pricing structure on your products that doesn't encourage bad consumer behavior? Is consignment worth the hassles you're not currently seeing? Can you inject a sense of community into your social media? Would you save Dan or Nathan of DKNG if you could only pick one? The International Bromance brings you honesty in the face of adversity to give you the necessary tools to make it around that semi on the freeway only on Breaking News.

Talking Points

  • A real reason to celebrate, Northern Craft returns, and Henry flies too close to the soon. 
  • Branding work and gig posters all inside Sean's comfort zone. 
  • The importance of traveling for your craft. 
  • Star Wars Land ticketing strategies, PR spin on congestion, and loving Disneyland down to its core. 
  • How to develop a pricing structure that works the best for your business. 
  • Consignment isn't the best business practice to get your foot in the door. 
  • The cons of babysitting.
  • Audio recording equipment and the tips to get the most out of it all. 
  • Surprise European elections and shitty American politics. 
  • Exposure overdose, Pre-Med Pepper, and worrying about overstaying your welcome. 
  • Expanding past your niche. 
  •  Would you save DK or NG?
  • Strategies to get your merchandise to an event and guarantee to have something to sell. 
  • Talking to talented people on AID. 
  • Whether you're a business of one or one hundred, be a business. 
  • Subhuman treatment on a BrickeyLeaks expose about reading the fine print. 
  • Is there a way to inject more personality into your social media feed?
  • Being your biggest cheerleader and protecting your own image, kicking an old can that punches back, and other comments from COT Members. 
  • Framing the importance of an honest interview and how to apply the knowledge you gain from an interview. 
  • Go listen to Derek Welch and Mikel Cirkus right now. 

There is so much to learn from AID 562 no matter which way you look at it. Get an honest take on who Adidas is and where they are going from their Global Creative Director, Paul Gaudio.

Be inspired by Derek Welch as he takes a difficult circumstance and makes it into an experience that made him stronger. Life can throw you a few curveballs and you while you can't always be ready, you can adapt.

Mikel Cirkus forged his own path as a trend forecaster and lets us inside the mind of a man that truly knows how to sell himself and his unique view of the world. It's time to get conceptual and see the importance of it.