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Tube 08 - Huck Gee

Adventures In Design 12 Tubes of Christmas holiday promotion. Sean Mort's 10th Tube of Christmas.

The 12 Tubes of Christmas
TUBE 8 - huck gee

skullhead Pin Giveaway

Get a great holiday deal on Huck Gee's Famous Skullhead Pin
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One lucky winner will get A Set of
Gold Life - Raku Day & Night - Shadow Edition

$50 Retail Value - Winner picked on aID505
Friday, December 16th

24 hour flash sale! offer ends at midnight PST on Wednesday, december 7th

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    Gold Life - Raku Day & Night - Shadow Edition
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    Gold Life - Raku Day & Night - Shadow Edition

One Winner Will Get
Gold Life - Raku Day & Night - Shadow Edition

A name synonymous with designer collectibles, Huck Gee is proud to present an extraordinary brand, GOLD LIFE, in partnership with the Mighty Jaxx team. The Gold Life universe takes inspiration from Huck Gee's decades of work but is not limited to it, we plan to continuously expand the characters and storylines to create a fulfilling collection of quality figurines.

This is Raku Night. When the first ray of moonlight hits the ground, that's when Raku turns into night, the 4" collectible is articulated, with a concealed sword which can be removed for battle. However his favourite is his legendary claws, which he rarely lets go.

This is the Shadow Edition released at STGCC2016. Limited quantities available.

  • 4" (10cm) PVC Art Collectible
  • Blister packed in printed box
  • Limited Edition of 500
  • Signed
  • $50 Retail Value For Set