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Episode 120 - Ron Jasin “Unified Front”

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Episode 120 - Ron Jasin “Unified Front”


Episode 120 - Ron Jasin “Unified Front”


Desktop Publisher Ron Jasin stops by to talk about how he stood up against a design contest in his home town of Louisville, Kentucky and helped shut it down.

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 120
• Finding piece of my mind when working in-house for a small business. 
• How printmaking saved Ron’s career and creative spirits. 
• Ron talks about how he stood up against a local design contest and helped persuade the organization to pull down their contest and hire a designer directly.
• The problem with asking creatives to compete for design jobs.
• Alternate options to design contests.
• Creating a Unified Front to combat design contests.
• The community of design, we are all connected.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
• Ron talks about building his home print space and how this created opportunities that forever changed his career and life.
• Creating in-house products and how it creates career freedom and negotiating power.
• The power of investing in yourself.
• Working with different photography methods in screen printing.
• The art of making a great test print.

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