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Episode 91 - Michael Tabie of Two Arms "Into The Darkness"

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Episode 91 - Michael Tabie of Two Arms "Into The Darkness"


Episode 91 - Michael Tabie of Two Arms "Into The Darkness"


Episode 91  Michael Tabie of Two Arms "Into The Darkness"
• A great internship can lead to a great career.
• Allowing yourself to still be a fan even though you’re in the inner circle of your scene.
• Mark & Tabie’s mutual love of designing every part of a design into a into a container and then interlocking all of the pieces together.
• How wife’s can make for the most brutal but best art directors. 
 • Setting up a great print setup in small spaces.
• Registration and creating off contact when printing tips.
• Building a business in a big city.
• Tabie gives an “Idiots Guide To A Risograph”

In The Circle of Trust (Subscriber Content Only)
• Tabie shares with us how he learned to master handwritten type.
• Tabie talks about being a chalk typographer.
• Compartmentalizing your layout in the inception phase of a project versus worrying about composition at the very end. 

• The new hybrid of being a graphic designer and illustrator.

• Being in love with classic 2 color design. 


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